Boulevard Fun Ride 2016 with Princess E

  • 14141624_10153935337041985_4777895557539163650_n
    Team GSB Kuching
  • 14079472_10153935336836985_134726897308285016_n
    On our to the finish line
  • 14079590_10153935337626985_3793202177415091273_n
    Father & Daughter profile pic
  • 14079743_10153935337266985_6966241876717293474_n
    Group photo
  • 14088456_10153935337181985_6257567133187472038_n
    Pit Stop at MJC
  • 14088499_10153935336946985_959100246377531761_n
    Inquiring about the back seat
  • 14102141_10153935337371985_6118440681098775116_n
    Finally completed our journey!
  • 14102466_10153935338136985_5518498079150664080_n
    Our ride
  • 14117885_10153935337686985_637770374222425241_n
    Mat, Eng Gek & Princess E
  • 14117886_10153935337496985_3024201175365833538_n
    Eng Gek, Myself and Princess E
  • 14184549_10153935337401985_8770957636616332353_n
    Taking pictures at the stage


Husband to a loving wife who supports me in this new hobby. Father of 2 lovely children. Living life, loving life.

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