REVIEW : Q50 GPS Smart Watch For Kids


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  1. liesbeth de wael says:

    Hi Alex,

    do you know if it’s possible to link a watch to 2 smartphones? So that I can follow my son, but also his dad?

    • Alex says:

      Yes. Download Setracker on your phone and login using the same account on his dad’s phone. both of you will be able to monitor your son’s location and be able to send and receive messages to each other.

  2. Yeniffer says:

    Hola alex, no me conécta a Internet me aparece O, soy de Chile, ayuda plisssss mi reloj es q50

    • Alex says:

      Hi may I know which telco are you currently using? So I can help set your APN for you.

      • Yeniffer says:

        Gracias ya lo hice funcionar….pero después de unos días dice q esta fuera de linea 😲😧 porque dice éso????

        • Alex says:

          When it says “fuera de linea” means 2 things.

          1. Your watch is not connected to the internet. Meaning to say no “E”.
          – You need to check if your watch still have data. If you finished your quota for the internet or not enough credit for it.
          – Your APN settings could be wrong.

          2. Your watch IP is not pointed to the correct IP. Based on your location you need to make sure your watch points to the right IP.

          If everything still does not work. Try restarting the watch.
          – Press SOS button 5 times
          – Press Button 1
          – Press Button 2
          This will shut down the watch. After that power it back on again and see if it works.

  3. Glen says:

    Hi Alex no still not sorted this. Any ideas

    • Alex says:

      Hi Glen. Can you try setting your timezone via the app? If not try this sms code to the watch
      Where 0 = English language, 0 = GMT+0

      Also is your watch currently lock to the GPS? When you send pw,123456,ts# what does the GPS value returns?

  4. Glen says:

    Hi Alex I will try this and get back to you. Many thanks

  5. Maria says:

    Could you help me? how to increase volume smartwatch g50?

  6. Glen says:

    Hi Alex I got the time working 👍🏻 As for the gps here is what it says.

    center:(I deleted this number for privacy)
    bat level:100;

    • Alex says:

      Looks like your GPS is broke. Try going out in the open for at least 2-3 minutes and see if the watch locks to the gps (instead of returning 0). If it stills returns 0, you may need to get your watch replaced.

  7. Cristina says:

    Alex, no me conecta a internet. Compre un q50 para mi hijo y se me ha convertido en un lio. Tenemos sim de movilexito (Colombia). Tiene plan de datos.

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hi Alex:
    I just got one watch for my kid but whenever I try to use the SOS button there is no call but an ERROR message (I do get the alert message on the phone, though). And I also can’t access the contacts list, o€r call the first contact listed (I pre installed everything from the app) and I$ still get that ERROR)

    • Alex says:

      It could be due to the phone number you entered with the + symbol. Eg if my phone number is (+60)123456789 where the +60 is my country code, just changed that to 0123456789. You should be able to call the phone.

      • Anisha says:

        I’m having the same issue. Get the message on the app but watch says unable to connect. Same thing when trying to call out from the phone book. Have tried using +country code as well as just 0

        • Alex says:

          Hmmm. Kinda funny why some of you are having this issue. The settings on my current watch doesn’t include the +country code. Directly the phone number. Is there a dash or space in between numbers?

  9. Scott Lee says:

    Hi alex
    I need to delete an account as u said contact seller-the seller no response after the third purchase

    • Alex says:

      Try sending a reset email to this following email along with your ID. Number of people in here managed to get support from them to reset their new account with the watch. Let me know if they managed to help you with this.

  10. nio says:

    Hi could you help me. I try call 1 or 2 but doesnt work. The message is ERROR on the phone. Whats the problem? Thank you

    • Alex says:

      It could be due to the phone number you entered with the + symbol. Eg if my phone number is (+60)123456789 where the +60 is my country code, just changed that to 0123456789. You should be able to call the phone.

  11. Cristy Cruz says:

    Hi… Why does it always say “no networking equipment “?

    • Alex says:

      Which country are you from? Normally the issue is either you are not connected to the Internet or 2 the IP address of your watch is pointing to the wrong server. Check and see if you are pointing to the right IP address and let me know.

  12. Marna says:

    Hi Alex. How do you add watch? I have 2 watches. One for my son and one for my girl. I see there is a function that they can communicate with each other but I struggle to pair them. Would appreciate if you can help.

    • Alex says:

      I’m not too sure with this feature, as I only had 1 watch with me. Did you try press and hold button 1 on both devices side by side and see if that works?

  13. Georgina says:

    Hola alex…muy buena toda la nfo…tengo 2 problemas con el reloj… 1) no puedo corregir la hora y la fecha del.reloj(2/1/2004 dice) 2)la ubicacion del reloj marca una muy fiferente a la real…espero puedas ayudarme…gracias

    • Alex says:


      1) no puedo corregir la hora y la fecha del.reloj(2/1/2004 dice)
      Is your watch able to connect to the internet? If it can, just wait 1 minute or 2 and it will automatically change the time to the current one.

      2)la ubicacion del reloj marca una muy fiferente a la real
      Send an sms pw,123456,ts# and check the GPS is it 0 or not. If it’s 0 even if you’re standing outside the building. That means your watch GPS is not working and needs to get replaced.

  14. Georgina says:

    Muy buena toda la info quise poner…

  15. Yeniffer says:

    Hola alex me gustaría saber. Como escucho los mensajes en el reloj? GRACIAS

    • Alex says:

      Hi Yenniffer,
      When the message you sent from the phone app to the watch, press the Power Button. It will play the message, and delete it after that.

      You won’t be able to play it back later.

  16. Shai Almog says:

    Thanks a lot for this great article it was immensely helpful!

    I was able to set GPRS thanks to this and get the device to work but I ran into issues where the IP address that I set kept resetting to asia after a few seconds. I struggled until I discovered this and tried a lot of the settings you mentioned but eventually I thought about just using the asia server instead of my actual locale… So I cleared the storage data from the SE app and created a new user account where I selected Asia as my locaiton… It worked instantly!

    Ugh. The device is great but the UX seems hacky and the fact that IP addresses are used make me think the security leaves a lot to be desired (mobile programmer here). Anyway, it works for the basic use cases we need so I’m good.

    • Alex says:

      Glad this site helped. I suspect it could be due to the fact the watch was previously registered to the Asia server and locked there. Maybe you could try sending an email to, and get them to help you to reset the watch account. See if that helps. But if it’s working fine, then maybe you could just leave it as it is 🙂

  17. Maryna says:

    Hi my child fell and now the screen is cracked. The watch is still working but the screen needs replacing. Where can I get a new screen? Or where can I send it for repairs?

  18. Jin says:

    Ayúdame Alex en la aplicación me sale fuera de línea, y en el reloj solo está el círculo sin el punto de la ubicscion

    • Alex says:

      Hi. Reason why it’s offline is 2 reason. Your watch is not connected to the internet and not pointing to the right server. Can you give me the following :-

      1. Telco you are using.
      2. Your current location.

      Also for the GPS issue could be due to the watch is inside the building. It needs to be out in the open for it to lock to the location.

  19. Christelle says:

    Our battery seems to be 48 hrs only. Is this the same for everyone. I also can’t find a manual anywhere indicating for how long the battery needs charging to be fully charged.

    • Alex says:

      48 hours is good. Mine barely last 1 day now. Probably due to the age. You should see the battery icon stops blinking, means the watch is fully charged.

  20. Lauren says:

    Help! After 2 days of headache I got signal on the watch for less than a minute. I called my carrier, in Seattle, WA they recommend T-Mobile. According to them, they can see that my watch is connected to a tower near my house. The watch shows no signal, no E and says “offline” on the app.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Lauren,
      1. Can you call the watch from your phone, as T-Mobile stated the watch is connected to their towers?
      2. Can you check if T-Mobile still supports these GSM frequencies ? GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      3. Try sending this sms to the

      pw,123456,apn,,,,310260# or

      and see if you can get the E back on.

      4. If you still can’t get any signal on your watch, try a different telco. If you still can’t get any signal, chances are either
      A) The watch doesn’t support your telco network
      B) Your watch is broke.

    • Shai Almog says:

      Hi Lauren,
      you might be experiencing something similar to my experience where the watch kept changing the location. Try creating a user account in a different region e.g. Asia and see if that works. Notice that the regions should work everywhere it just indicates the server used by the watch.

  21. Adri says:

    Hi. I have difficulty adding a second watch to my app. It say already registered, can not add


    Hello. The location on the app does not coincide with the physical location ot the watch. Is there any way to correct this?

    • Alex says:

      The reason why your location is off is due to the fact the watch is currently using the network’s location (LBS) instead of the actual watch GPS. To test if your GPS is working, try go out and see if the watch has a lock on the GPS and send this code pw,123456,ts# See if the GPS shows any figure, if it’s 0 then there’s something wrong with your watch GPS and may require to get it changed.

  23. Karla says:

    Hi Alex, I have just one problem > the watch is not making any call. I can call him from my phone but he can’t call from the watch. What can I do? I set the numbers correctly as you said, +. Ex: +90 5051091188 , I set 05051091188

    • Alex says:

      Was there an error message? If that’s the case maybe try this number instead 00905051091188. Try setting that in your SOS number and see if the watch can call you or not?

      TO make calls from the address book
      1. Press Button 2, to bring up the Address Book.
      2. Select the phone number by pressing 1 to go up, or 2 to go down.
      3. Once selected, press and Hold Button 2 to make the call.

      See if it that works.

      • Karla says:

        The error message is: “It’s not able to make the call.” The watch can send me SMS and messages, there’s no problem. About SOS I just receive SMS from the watch , not calls.

        • Alex says:

          Ok. Try to take out the sim from the watch and put it inside another phone. Make a call from that phone to your phone to see what’s the phone format it uses. Try calling your current phone without using the +symbol eg 05051091188 and see if it connects or not. Normally that error message only occurs if

          1. phone number incorrectly input
          2. sim card does not have sufficient credits.

  24. Amandio Silva says:

    Hi Alex.

    I install “Find My Kids” APP, and the app change the ip_url to and port 8001.

    I send command pw,123456,ip, and then restart the watch but the ip_url doesn’t change.

    Do you have any suggest?


  25. Graham says:

    I see an earlier comment suggesting that the battery lasting 48 hours is good. One of the watches we have ( which is new ) barely lasts the day ( usually last for abour 10-12 hours max ). I guess this is not normal ?

    Also, any idea what the pedometer settings mean and are measured in ? One watch counts steps fairly easily, the other doesn’t seem to count them properly.

    • Alex says:

      Did you tried setting your update time to 1 hour instead of every 1 minute ? By default this normally is set by the manufacturer. That could save you some battery. Normally by the end of the day I would need to charge it back again.

      As for the pedometer, it detects the swinging motion of the hand rather than actual foot steps.

      • Graham says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, setting is at 1 hour. Interesting that the pedometer detects arm swinging rather than footsteps, but good to know. Thankyou for clarifying.

  26. Gus says:

    Hi, any idea how you turn the pedometer on? At the moment it just shows the day of the week

  27. Lourdes says:

    it always say device offline.. what do i need

    • Alex says:

      Does the watch has the E sign on it? Normally if it’s offline, it’s either the watch is not connected to the internet (no E showing) or 2 the IP your watch is pointing is different to the app you registered

  28. KME says:

    Alex, thanks for this post, I found it and the comments very helpful.
    I wanted to see if you had any luck setting the foot counter aspect of the watch so it can show the kids how many steps they have taken?
    thanks, KME

    • Alex says:

      Not that I know off. The only time you can show them how many steps they took using the watch before it resets itself at the next day. But if you look through the apps, you can go to history where it will show them the location where they’ve been.

  29. Szabi says:


    2 questions :

    1. What is the difference SeTracker vs SeTracker2 ?

    2. In SeTracer2 on the map should I look the watch last upload time and position or is it normal that it’s only refresh when I click the Locate button ? The update schedule is “normal” (10min)


    • Alex says:

      1. Both of them serve the same purpose. But I noticed when installing on Android 6 and above. I can’t seem to get background notifications on Setracker. I need to open the app and wait for the notifications. But if for SeTracker2, it can be loaded into the background provided if I run the app first.

      2. Yes it’s perfectly normal, if your schedule time is set to 10 mins. Meaning to say, every 10 minutes it will update the watch location. When you click on the Locate button, it will get the current location instead of waiting for 10 mins for it to update.

  30. Marna says:

    Hi Alex. The watch is not charging. It worked fine yesterday. The charging symbol is showing on the charging screen, but as soon as I take it off charge it is dead screen.

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